Ventrilo Server Rules

Good things to practice:


  • Channels – We have many channels to suit whichever game you may be playing. It is a good practice to join the channel corresponding to whichever game you may be playing. If you’re causing an interruption for the game of the channel you’re in, you may be moved to a more appropriate channel by an admin.
  • Volume – Some people experience issues with Ventrilo normalization, so please be mindful of how loud your microphone is and adjust it accordingly. To do this, go to Voice tab within Setup and click the Monitor button to test how loud your microphone is and try to tune your volume to favorable levels (~25 is a ideal). You can also use the Test button to see exactly how you sound, at least by your speaker configuration.


Minor Infractions:


  • Mic/Chat Spamming – Communication is encouraged. Playing music is allowed as long as you aren’t disturbing the patrons of a channel (for example: You can play music in the Lounge if no one in the lounge objects.) Don’t yell into your mic.
  • Racism (not combined with spam) – Any form of racist slang or stereotyping. This includes implied racism, such as “nucking figger.”
  • Sexism
  • General Crudeness – Do not cross the line between funny and inappropriate.
  • Disrespecting Admins – Do what they ask of you. If you have a problem with it, bring it to the forums.
  • Unproductive Trash Talking – If you have a problem with the community or admins as a whole, please bring up your concerns with a vent admin or on the forum. We will not tolerate constant insults directed towards the community, such as “shitfest” or “this community is fucking terrible.” Also keep in mind that some people are not aggressive enough to “come to blows” with someone who trash-talks other people. You may be offending or making someone stressed with your words, even if no one directly approaches you about it. If someone does ask you to tone it down, please do, or move to a different channel where it isn’t a problem.


When you break a rule that falls under our “Minor Infraction” list, an admin will warn you and let you know that what you are doing is against the rules. If you continue to break the rule, you will be kicked. Continued infractions will result in banning from the Stompfest Ventrilo.


Major Infractions:


  • Racist Spamming – Example: N word over and over again
  • Server Attacks – Example: DDoS of the server, using connect/disconnect spam scripts, connecting to serve no other purpose than spam high pitched noises or annoy users using a similar tactic.


When you break a rule that falls under our “Major Infractions” list, you will be immediately and permanently banned from the Stompfest Ventrilo Server.