Ventrilo Account Creation

Below are instructions walking you through how to connect to Stompfest’s Ventrilo server. By connecting to Stompfest’s Ventrilo you agree to our Ventrilo rules located here: link




Step 1: Request a user account.

Contact any of the following Ventrilo admins to request a Ventrilo account. Please include your desired username and password. If you do not wish to supply a password, one will be made for you and given to you.


Ventrilo admins to contact:
Prosthetics, Foamy, Dizzan, Racing Jag, Shelly, Tragic


Step 2: Create a username.

step 1


To create a new username, click the small button to the right of the username area located in the image to the left. This username should match the username you had an account created for in Step 1.


step 1.1

Once there you can click “New” to create a new username (most prefer the same as your forum and/or in game name).

Step 3: Add Stompfest’s Ventrilo to your server list.

step 2


Click the small button to the right of the server area to create a new listing for the Stompfest Ventrilo server.


step 1.2


Once there you can click “New” to create a new server entry and then enter in the following info. For the password field, use the password you requested in Step 1, or the password supplied to you by a Ventrilo admin.


You should now be able to connect to the Stompfest Ventrilo server!

Frag on!