TF2 U Frag Monthly Contest


Stompfest holds a monthly TF2 competition to reward the top players in our community.  Each month, the top-ranked players according to our HLStats system will receive certain perks.  The top three players per month are awarded with a 1-month reserve slot on the Stompfest Team Fortress 2 servers.  This is the same as a monthly subscription; it includes immunity to the server autobalance plugin, and the ability to connect through even when the servers are full.


On top of the server perks, the top two players each month also receive their choice of any items totaling $5 or less from the Mann Co. store!


At the beginning of each month, the stats are reset and the contest begins again.  So what are you waiting for?  Join our Team Fortress 2 servers and start fragging it up!


Stompfest 24/7 Turbine:
Stompfest Valve Maps:


Frag on!