TF2 Server Rules

The following are rules that we have in place for all of our TF2 servers.


Player Rules


Minor Infractions


  • Geometry Exploits – Using invisible ledges, building sentry guns that shoot through walls, etc.
  • Mic/Chat Spamming – Communication is encouraged. Please refrain from playing music or simply yelling into your mic.
  • Racism (not combined with spam) – Any form of racist slang or stereotyping.
  • Implied Racism – Example: Nucking Figger
  • Sexism
  • Griefing – Intentionally trying to get your teammates killed, building useless teleporters, being a useless teammate.
  • General Crudeness – Do not cross the line between funny and inappropriate.
  • Disrespecting Admins – Do what they ask of you. If you have a problem with it, bring it to the forums.
  • Unproductive Trash Talking – If you have a problem with the community or admins as a whole, please bring up your concerns on the forum. We will not tolerate constant insults directed towards the community, such as “shitfest” or “this community is fucking terrible.”
  • Inappropriate Spray – pornographic, gory, racist, etc.
  • HLStatsX Farming – Do not constantly build objects or work with others with the sole purpose of quickly earning HLStatsX points. Doing so may result in your stats being reset along with a ban.
  • Unapproved names
  • Blank – No characters
  • Admin tag on non admin


When you break a rule that falls under our “Minor Infraction” list, an admin will warn you and let you know that what you are doing is against the rules. If you continue to break the rule, you will be banned as follows:


1st offense – 1 hour

2nd offense -1 day

3rd offense – Permanent


The exception to this is HLStatsX Farming, which can earn you an immediate ban of up to 1 week, along with a stat reset.


Major Infractions

  • Hacking – Using any 3rd party program or texture to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. Aimbots, wallhacks, ESP, speedhacks, etc.
  • Racist Spamming – Example: N word over and over again
  • Hacking Clan Tags – Example: myg0t


When you break a rule that falls under our “Major Infractions” list, you will immediately be permanently banned from all Stompfest servers.


Please note – If you have been banned from the Stompfest servers and/or website, you may not come back under a different account. If management becomes aware of this, the new account as well as the IP in which it was connected under will be permabanned.


Admin Rules


If you see an admin breaking these rules, please feel free to report them to management.


  • Do not use your powers on other players for your own amusement without their consent.
  • Do not belittle other players.
  • Do not punish a player without justification.
  • Do not publicly accuse a player of hacking.
  • Do not disrespect/speak poorly about the Stompfest community, servers, or staff.


Management has the right to change these rules at any time. If you have a problem with any of these rules, please contact a manager. Be prepared to have a mature discussion.