Community Directors oversee the entire Stompfest Community. They work tirelessly to ensure that every component of the community is running as smoothly and effectively as possible. Their primary focus is the enhancement of the community as a whole (Public Relations, Server Hosting, Website Maintenance, Sponsorships, Finances, Subscriptions, Expansion, etc) but they also work closely with the Divisions Administrators, Operations Administrators and Division Managers to help make key decisions in the community. These individuals have the ultimate authority within the community – their word is final.
Community Directors:
Operations Directors are responsible for overseeing and assisting in the management/enhancement of core operational components. (Website, Subscriptions, Prizes, etc) They work with Community Directors and Divisions Administrators to make key decisions and to improve the community as a whole.
Operations Directors:
infiniteloop, Davy.Deagle


Division Managers are the highest level of management on a per-game basis. They are the dedicated individuals responsible for the day to day management of their division. They constantly stay up to date with the latest trends for their assigned game and work with their respective admin teams to determine what issues require attention. Division Managers are responsible for managing all current admins and applicants for their division as well as developing policies which reflect Stompfest’s core values.

TF2 Division Managers:



Senior Admins are experienced admins who have consistently shown that they are capable of diffusing any situation on Stompfest servers. They have all undergone extensive training and scrutiny, and are entrusted with the task keeping our servers free of hackers and other problematic players.
TF2 Senior Admins:
Couch Radish, Dexlysic, Fuzz, Instant Classic, Kool-AiD
Junior admins are probationary admins. These players are the newest additions to the team and are still in the process of proving themselves to the Stompfest staff and community. During this time, Junior Admins are exposed to real-world situations which Senior Admins are exposed to on a daily basis. Not only this, but they are also walked through a group training session which places them in the shoes of a senior admin. By combining this training and exposure, Junior Admins will begin to acquire the skills they need to become a Senior Admin.
TF2 Junior Admins:
Rage, Frodo
Forum Moderators are responsible for providing a positive atmosphere for all current and future members of by enforcing the forum’s rules, ridding it of spammers and griefers, introducing new & interesting topics of discussion, and providing assistance and information to all members.
Forum Moderators:
HaZe, infiniteloop, Iron Lung, Jokerz, PandaBear, Prosthetics, RacingJag, Spawnlink, Wykydtron, Frosty
Ventrilo Managers: Foamy, Prosthetics
Ventrilo Admins:
Frosty, Dizzan, Jokerz, PandaBear, Racing Jag, Shelly, Tragic