People have been asking how I play (scripted) songs on my instruments in LOTRO. Put simply, LOTRO supports a limited implementation of ABC notation, which is a way to represent sheet music in ASCII. All you need is to have the *.abc files in the proper location and you can play them while in music mode. Here's how:

  1. Create a "Music" folder in /(My )Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/ if one doesn't already exist.
  2. Save the *.abc files you want to be able to play in-game to this folder.
  3. In LOTRO, enter music mode with /music and then to play a scripted song type /play FILENAME (e.g. /play supmar)

ABC files, many specifically arranged for LOTRO, can be found here:

Those are the two most popular sites. There are others that can be found by searching for "LOTRO ABC Files". Some of the songs are multi-part meaning it takes multiple characters to play them (e.g. Dueling Banjos)

One important thing to mention is that some of these songs actually sound horrible in LOTRO or only sound decent on one particular instrument. You'll therefore probably want a way to preview them that's less tedious than playing them all in-game. There's a program to help you do that called ABC Player which you can download here: You can drag-and-drop an ABC file into it to preview it and also listen to it on the different instruments.

So there you have it, now you can be cool like me. Just don't jock my style ;o