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Thread: Giakia - Cloud Computing Gaming

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    Giakia - Cloud Computing Gaming

    Jesus... I thought OnLive was going to be great... This loads from your freaking browser...

    pretty soon we will only need a screen, a 1ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, and a broadband connection. Think about playing games maxed out on a netbook.

    This stuff is coming faster than I had imagined - and I am fucking excited
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    Ya, but you can't do any modification to the programs. Like you won't be able to change the UI, or addons. The is the only problem with cloud computing, is that everything is vanilla. I see it as no problem for corporate use. I see the use for the noob gamer, who just wants to click a button and play a game. What happens with the shockwave games? There will be no more need for them. I really don't think the technology is where it should be yet. I'm kinda pissed they are trying to draw more people into playing WoW. Also, you need to think about the bottle neck that is caused when 500 people are using this service. If you do the math, the bus will not be big enough, to be able service multiple people playing games.


    Thanks Loop!!!!

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    sweet I can finally put my ASUS 1000HE to use

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    It looked like it would have some promise for a good number of programs.

    I'd also like to point out it's called "GaiKai", not "GiaKia".

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