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Stompfest @ IU LAN Oct 19-20th

Greetings Gamers, A few of us are heading down to IU LAN this October including Eclyps, Davy.Deagle, THUMPer, MD Rules, and more.  Feel free to join us down there.  $20 for the 2 days.  And I got the customized shirt, so look for me by name!  Great stuff and always good bonuses. Brizad... more.

Whack Wyky Contest!

Greetings members of Stompfest! For the next month I, Wykydtron, will be hosting a little contest on our servers. It's a rather simple contest. All you need do is simply dominate me on any of our fine servers. When you dominate me, take a screenshot and post it to our forums(link to thread). Please post a picture of every domination(explained later in post).   Where I'll Be Most likel... more.

Stompfest Community Highlander Team

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of our talented TF2 players currently taking part in the UGC Highlander Season 9 competition. Led by Mr. Moof and Savior, they are ranked 4-1 right now in the NA Steel Red division. Full team roster is available at their league page:   Good luck in your future matches!... more.

Black Mesa – Release Date Announced: September 14th

8 years in the making, a current-gen reimagining of the original Half-Life game is almost here. Black Mesa is a free mod that takes you back through Gordon Freeman's first adventure, but with updated tech across the board. Graphics, sound, modeling - every asset has been redone from scratch. This game has been the DNF of the mod community - numerous delays, skepticism, but also hopeful optimi... more.

New CS:GO Server

For our CS crowd, we'd like to announce the availability of our CS:GO server. To start things off, it will be running two of the more popular maps, de_dust2 and cs_office. Game mode is Classic Casual. Server address is as follows, please add to your favorites!   We do value your input so please feel free to voice your opinions or suggestions. Th... more.

Steam Community Update

Valve recently announced that it would be performing major updates to the Steam Community that would give it a new look & feel while adding additional functionality and features. The overhaul is being rolled out in 4 phases spanning across four days. On Day 1, "Game Hubs" where introduced. Valve defines Game Hubs as:   "Game Hubs are collections of game-centric discussions, workshop... more.

Steam Summer Sale 2012!

Hope you don't like having money!   New deals every day through 7/22... more.


That's right! DELVE 2012! Thousands of Pilots are coming together and having an all-out battle, bringing in some massive ships and starting some  intergalactic warfare that will make Star Wars look like a joke. There is reportedly over 50,000 players involved. FIFTY THOUSAND. It all started when members of the Test Alliance Please Ignore corporation (also known as "Testies") went into a... more.

TF2 Update – Pyromania Day 3

Well, it looks like Valve's webservers aren't fireproof, but here's what we know so far: Meet the Pyro is out! Official Source Filmmaker announcement! Forum discussion thread is over here:!!!!... more.

TF2 Update – Pyromania Day 2

Day 2 info is out - Multiple new weapons for scout, sniper, soldier, and pyro! Details below: Forum discussion thread is over here:!!!!... more.