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Server news – 24/7 2fort

A bit of belated business - last week we rolled out a server reconfig. The old badlands/helltower server is now running 24/7 2fort! CTF fans rejoice, if turbine is getting a little stale and you want to reminisce with a classic TF2 staple, check it out. Same IP address as before: Player count has been staying up quite well with quickplay enabled, so at the moment there's n... more.

Scream Fortress 2013

Hi Stompfesters - for the next few weeks we'll be running some Halloween event maps on a few servers. 24/7 Harvest is set to harvest_event, while 24/7 Badlands is on the new Halloween payload race map, Helltower (plr_hightower_event). Server IPs are still the same, so join via your favorites or by visiting the links below:   24/7 Harvest Event 24/7 Helltower... more.

Server news – 24/7 Badlands

Hello Stompfesters - we're running a new server config at the community's request - 24/7 badlands. It's located at, and we'll be doing some gameplay events through the next few days to get it kickstarted. Hope to see you there!... more.

Whack Wyky Contest!

Greetings members of Stompfest! For the next month I, Wykydtron, will be hosting a little contest on our servers. It's a rather simple contest. All you need do is simply dominate me on any of our fine servers. When you dominate me, take a screenshot and post it to our forums(link to thread). Please post a picture of every domination(explained later in post).   Where I'll Be Most likel... more.

New TF2 Server – 24/7 Harvest

We'd like to let everyone know about a new server that's been added to our lineup - 24/7 Harvest. It's had a very strong start so far and the community seems to be enjoying it. IP address is the same as the old payload server. If you don't have it in your list, just search for Stompfest. Otherwise, click below to join in! Stompfest 24/7 Harvest ... more.

TF2 Mecha Update

Valve have released a Christmas update for TF2 - the MECHA UPDATE. Here's the rundown:   - New MvM Bot: Mecha Engineer - New MvM map: Big Rock - New Weapons for Engineer, Demo, and Medic - Naughty and Nice crates returning for the holidays   Details are available here: And there's another TF2 comic as well: more.

Free Hat Friday Reminder

Hey all - just a friendly reminder about our weekly free hat giveaways...every Friday we raffle off a hat for our TF2 players. If you play regularly on our turbine or doomsday servers, then you pretty much qualified - all you have to do is post your SteamID in the weekly thread! Click below for the official details: more.

Scream Fortress Halloween Event!

Scream Fortress is here! To help celebrate we have put up a temporary server running the new Halloween map. Info is as follows: or   The release last night was a bit delayed and buggy, but things seem to have settled down now.... more.

U Frag Top 3 Players – August Results

Here are the top 3 players for the month of August: 1st Place - Zillyhoo @ 45,533 pts 2nd Place - Light (Kisuno) @ 32,038 pts 3rd Place - Scooty Puff Sr. @ 28,803 pts Reserve slots for all three of you are now enabled through 10/1/12. Zillyhoo and Light will get the $5 in Mann Co store items. IMPORTANT NOTE regarding monthly stats - a couple days back we started having website... more.

Free Hat Friday Winner for 8/31/12

Our winner today is:   Game Trooper   Check out our remaining hat inventory here: Stompfest Free Hats Inventory   We've still got plenty of hats to raffle off - so if you're a regular TF2 player, why not give it a shot? Check out the Free Hat Friday rules here: Free Hat Fridays    ... more.