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Whack Wyky Contest!

Greetings members of Stompfest! For the next month I, Wykydtron, will be hosting a little contest on our servers. It's a rather simple contest. All you need do is simply dominate me on any of our fine servers. When you dominate me, take a screenshot and post it to our forums(link to thread). Please post a picture of every domination(explained later in post).   Where I'll Be Most likel... more.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Event #2 Thoughts

So I had the pleasure of playing through Guild Wars 2 yet again. This post is much shorter than the last one, yet still very long. But if you had to read anything I would suggest reading the 3 segments about the dungeons. 2 of those 3 segments show everything Guild Wars 2/Anet have done right and all the problems it presented because of how they achieved them. I played a brief stint of WvW but got... more.

Guild Wars 2 BWE 2 6/8-6/10

In case you didn't already know, the next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event has been confirmed for June 8th till June 10th. None of your characters have been wiped. In this BWE they've unlocked a new level 25-35 area outside of Lions Arch called Gendarran Fields.  It will also give you another shot at getting to play the explorable mode of Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon for level 35 players. I'm su... more.

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Monday 5/14

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! There will be a stress test Monday the 14th for anyone who has pre-purchased GW2. Even better is, they haven't wiped any of their characters from this past weekend so you can continue playing those you created. It will run 11am-PDT to 6pm PDT. Unless the conversion site failed that is approximately 2pm EST to 9pm EST. Which means I can hop on for a few hours before I head ov... more.

Guild Wars 2 Beta Review

So I spent the entire weekend playing Guild Wars 2. Well almost all weekend, this sad thing called a 12-4 Sunday shift exists at my job. So I thought I'd make a little(hahah) write up about what I thought about it all. For starters, I did absolutely no PvP or WvW so if you're looking for info on that I'm not your guy. I played PvE the entire time because I wanted to see if they would live up to th... more.