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New TF2 Mann vs. Machine Servers!

Now that the update is live we're pleased announce the addition of two new TF2 Mann vs. Machine servers! The IPs are as follows:   For now, we are running with these two servers. We will also be looking into either restricting one of the servers to SF members only or adding another server that will be password protected and exclusive to SF members i... more.

Steam Community Update

Valve recently announced that it would be performing major updates to the Steam Community that would give it a new look & feel while adding additional functionality and features. The overhaul is being rolled out in 4 phases spanning across four days. On Day 1, "Game Hubs" where introduced. Valve defines Game Hubs as:   "Game Hubs are collections of game-centric discussions, workshop... more.

TF2 Mann vs. Machine Update

In what could arguably be the most expansive update to the game yet, Valve has announced the Mann vs. Machine update. Mann vs. Machine is a new Co-op game mode that allows six players to take on hordes of killer robots in order to stop them from deploying a bomb. The game mode will feature maps specific to the game mode (although only one will be released with the update) and allow players to upg... more.

Free Hat Friday Winner for 7/13/12

Our winner today is:   GeneStealer   Check out our remaining hat inventory here:   Stompfest Free Hats Inventory   We've still got plenty of hats to raffle off - so if you're a regular TF2 player, why not give it a shot? Check out the Free Hat Friday rules here:   Free Hat Fridays    ... more.

New Tribes: Ascend Server!

For all you Tribes fans i'm happy to announce the addition of our new Tribes: Ascend server! The server is currently configured as a 24/7 CTF server. For those unfamiliar, you can follows these steps to find and add our server to your favorites:   Once you log in and load up the game, click the 'Play Now' button:   Then select 'Custom Servers':   Make sur... more.

Steam Now Available on Android and iOS Mobile Devices

"Valve's popular cloud-based PC gaming platform Steam will now be accessible from your iOS and Android-based mobile phone, according to a press release sent out today by Valve.   The app is currently available, though the service itself is in closed beta. From the press release:   With the Steam app, gamers around the world may chat with Steam friends, browse community groups a... more.

TF2 Australian Christmas Update!

  Valve's TF2 Australian Update is finally here! And with it comes lots of new TF2 goodies. There are new apparel and weapons for the Engineer and Pyro classes as well as a brand new control point map: Foundry! But that's not all! There are also 14 new community weapons and items!   For a full description of all the new Engineer & Pyro items and Foundry, the new control ... more.

Welcome to the NEW Stompfest!

I would like to introduce you all to Stompfest 7.0! A few months ago Jokerz and I started a project to completely revamp the website with a brand new design that was dynamic to the point where it, in of itself, could be used as a means to expand our community. With the assistance of Brizad, eclyps, Jokerz, and infiniteloop I worked with devs to get the site designed. Countless hours and a lot of h... more.

Stompfest Secret Santa 2011!

It's that time of the year again!   Here's the jist of it: Each person participating in Stompfest Secret Santa 2011 will be given a name and an address. That person will either purchase or make a gift (spending anything above $10) and will send that gift the the person they received.   Once we collect the names of those who are interested, we will distribute them randomly so each partici... more.

Battlefield 3 Prize Drawing!

*****UPDATE ***** Drawing winners are: CorruptDictator QuickBunnie Congrats fluffy and QB! Panda will be in touch with you via PM. Click here to post a comment!... more.