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 About StompFest: StompFest comprises of two parts. First and foremost is one of the largest LAN Parties and computer gaming conventions in the Mid-west. With tons of prizes, friends, food, energy drinks, movies, and of course, Multiplayer Games! StompFest’s other half is an online gaming community which hosts online multiplayer game servers for everyone to enjoy.


StompFest LAN: StompFest was started in 1997 by a few gamers who got together just to have a little fun by hooking computers up to a small network and playing games that take advantage of multiplayer capabilities. StompFest grew and thrived on the growing multiplayer gaming market as well as the passion of the gamers behind StompFest. After only a few years it had grown up to over 300 in attendance, and today we have to turn gamers away due to limited accommodations and venue size. StompFest has made its home in Indianapolis Indiana. Indianapolis has been called the Crossroads of America because of its centralized location and the many entry points from all directions of the United States. We are within a few hours driving distance to all the surrounding states, giving easy access to other Conventions in the Midwest Region. Although StompFest has been born and raised in this great city, it has reached out to all areas of the country and beyond. The attendees have come from all of the mid-west states, Tennessee, New York, Utah, Texas, and even Canada, that makes us international!

StompFest Online: In 2007, StompFest Online was born by a group of gamers who wanted a centralized and reliable place to play online. With servers that concentrated (but not limited) to the Steam Engine by Valve Software, we provide public and private Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty 4, and Ventrilo VoIP servers. We understand how frustrating it is to play in a server with unfair adminstration and shoddy performance, which is why we make it a point to use the best equipment and hire the best players for our admin positions. Instead of locking threads and banning those who complain, we actually take the time to listen and do what we can to ensure everyone is having a good time.