Whack Wyky Contest!

Greetings members of Stompfest!

For the next month I, Wykydtron, will be hosting a little contest on our servers. It’s a rather simple contest. All you need do is simply dominate me on any of our fine servers. When you dominate me, take a screenshot and post it to our forums(link to thread). Please post a picture of every domination(explained later in post).


Where I’ll Be

Most likely I’ll be in our newest server 24/7 Harvest server

24/7 Turbine

24/7 Doomsday


How To Spot Me

I primarily play sniper and as such many of you guys know I wear a Green Energy Sola Topi.  However I have also recently acquired a Stormy Storm Snaggletooth as well. So if you see a sniper with those 2 hats, there’s like a 99% chance that it is me. In chat I’ll have [admin] stamp next to my name. Also I sometimes change my name from Wykydtron <SF> but I’ll always have my tag and the same avatar, plus I’ll  recognize any of the names I might change to.

If I haven’t been dominated in a long enough time I’ll start Beaconing myself.  I may also Beacon myself if playing another class.

I’ll also be advertising this contest on the servers themselves.


How Winners are Chosen

Three people will be randomly selected. Each of these 3 will receive a month of subscription.

And the player with the most recorded dominations against me by the end of the month shall receive 3 months of sub+The All-Father hat(Which was crafted and donated to me to be used for our Weekly Hat drawing contest by Babbles. But I figure this will be even better way to win a great hat).



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  1. BlueChicagoRain says:

    3 MONTHS SUB? NO AUTOBALANCE??? Count me in!

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