U Frag Top 3 Players – August Results

Here are the top 3 players for the month of August:

Zillyhoo 1st Place – Zillyhoo @ 45,533 pts
light 2nd Place – Light (Kisuno) @ 32,038 pts
Scooty Puff Sr. 3rd Place – Scooty Puff Sr. @ 28,803 pts

Reserve slots for all three of you are now enabled through 10/1/12. Zillyhoo and Light will get the $5 in Mann Co store items.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding monthly stats – a couple days back we started having website performance issues related to HLstats, so we’ve had to disable tracking monthly activity for now. Lifetime stats are still on and calculating, so those of you interested in our Free Hat Friday drawings don’t have to worry. But as far as the September U Frag contest is concerned, we have to postpone any tracking until the load issues are figured out.

2 responses to “U Frag Top 3 Players – August Results”

  1. Kisuno says:

    zzzilly with the +13k lead

  2. taylorturbo70 says:

    i want to know how are you guys so good i would like it if you guys shared some of your secrets with me

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