Black Mesa – Release Date Announced: September 14th

8 years in the making, a current-gen reimagining of the original Half-Life game is almost here. Black Mesa is a free mod that takes you back through Gordon Freeman’s first adventure, but with updated tech across the board. Graphics, sound, modeling – every asset has been redone from scratch.

This game has been the DNF of the mod community – numerous delays, skepticism, but also hopeful optimism. Now, the team is finally winding up for a public release. On September 14th, the first “stage” will be available. This includes the majority of the campaign – everything up through Lambda Core. Future releases will show us the levels on Xen as well as Black Mesa Deathmatch. You can also download the game’s soundtrack right now.

Full details available at

Their website suffered a resonance cascade of its own within minutes of the news, so if it’s still down while you’re reading this, check out the community announcement on Steam here:

Black Mesa Steam Community Announcement

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    PLAY this NOW, it’s AWESOME!

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