New CS:GO Server

For our CS crowd, we’d like to announce the availability of our CS:GO server. To start things off, it will be running two of the more popular maps, de_dust2 and cs_office. Game mode is Classic Casual. Server address is as follows, please add to your favorites!
We do value your input so please feel free to voice your opinions or suggestions. There is now a dedicated subforum for discussion here:

3 responses to “New CS:GO Server”

  1. Davy.Deagle says:

    This game is actually not too bad. It’s much more difficult than source as the hitboxes are more constrained (1.6 style). If we actually want to make an effort on this server to fill this evening let me know. Ill hop on.

  2. Enlightened Fool says:

    i be on!

  3. frosty says:

    in the words of Joe Swanson ” ALRIIIIIIIIIGHT “

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