Steam Community Update

Valve recently announced that it would be performing major updates to the Steam Community that would give it a new look & feel while adding additional functionality and features. The overhaul is being rolled out in 4 phases spanning across four days. On Day 1, “Game Hubs” where introduced. Valve defines Game Hubs as:


“Game Hubs are collections of game-centric discussions, workshop items, screenshots, videos, and news. It’s both community created and official content, as rated by you, Steam users.”


With the introduction of Game Hubs, all the official and community generated content for specific games can all be organized and accessed from one centralized location. This content includes: news, discussions, videos, screenshots, workshop itesm, etc.


Today (Day 2) it was announced that all Steam Community Group pages would be getting a facelift. All group pages will be updated with a new layout that will make it easier to identify the purpose of the group, its members and the group’s recent activity. New features such as friend showcases and group overview have also been added. But the biggest change is the addition of the discussions area. The discussions area will allow for public and private conversations within each group. Group owners/admins will be able to add sub-forums, add moderators, delete posts, etc.


Check out the update page for more details:

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