TF2 Mann vs. Machine Update

In what could arguably be the most expansive update to the game yet, Valve has announced the Mann vs. Machine update. Mann vs. Machine is a new Co-op game mode that allows¬†six players to take on hordes of killer robots in order to stop them from deploying a bomb. The game mode will feature maps specific to the game mode (although only one will be released with the update) and allow players to upgrade their “abilities” and weapons. Surviving all the hordes on all of the missions will yield substantial amounts of loot. Check out the video and update page below!

3 responses to “TF2 Mann vs. Machine Update”

  1. Brother Michigan says:

    Why isn’t that engy building a sentry!? Damn noobs….

  2. Red Salvo says:

    I would like to clarify that it is 6 players who can participate in a co-op game. I believe Panda read on the blog post, “you and five friends” could play the game and posted that only five players can play.

  3. ZillyHoo says:

    Will you guys be hosting a server for MVM

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