U Frag Top 3 Players – July Results

July frag results are in – cLock and Zilly are unstoppable! Can anyone dethrone them? Newcomer Kisuno (“Light”) came close @ 3rd place. Here’s the rundown:

cLock 1st Place – cLock @ 35,333 pts
zillyhoo 2nd Place – ZillyHoo @ 34,647 pts
snarf 3rd Place – Kisuno “Light” @ 27,601 pts

Congrats guys – reserve slots are on until 9/1. Once again, $5 in Mann Co store items goes to cLock and ZillyHoo.

2 responses to “U Frag Top 3 Players – July Results”

  1. cLock says:

    It has truly been a fun time playing at Stompfest, but I write this message with a long face. I am sad to say that I must retire from the U Frag competition. I have school coming up and a difficult schedule that I must face head on. It has been a pleasure and I will be on Stompfest whenever I have the time. This was my last month to be in first place and I am stepping off my throne. Thank you all.


  2. Xzi says:

    I’d dethrone them, but I have more important things to do. Like only playing when Mr. Moof plays and making sure he doesn’t get top 3.

    Also, Guild Wars

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