That’s right!
DELVE 2012!

Thousands of Pilots are coming together and having an all-out battle, bringing in some massive ships and starting some  intergalactic warfare that will make Star Wars look like a joke. There is reportedly over 50,000 players involved. FIFTY THOUSAND. It all started when members of the Test Alliance Please Ignore corporation (also known as “Testies”) went into another alliances system looking for some little fights here and there, just being little shits and wanting to bully someone – but when nobody really came to show up they started trashing the place. Killing equipment and miner ships and stealing items. That started what’s being called Delve 2012.

Suddenly, alarms started going off! Bells were being rung! mass  Morse Code messages were being sent out! and the surrounding Alliances and everything they had started sending defense to their controlled area. Only to find hundreds of ships waiting for them. So more and more ships were being sent in to this already large battle and entire alliances were appearing in full force to be damn sure they don’t lose their sector of space.

Cut a few hours later, two massive Alliances (which includes the infamous Goonswarm Federation… and their many offshoots like Goonsquad, Goons.. anything involving Goons in videogames, who have caused some major (amusing) issues in the gaming world) came to support the Testies random space warfare. So, now THIS side is having more ships with their Alliance and looking pretty strong, until Alliances and the likes started showing up even MORE to fight. At this point you have an all out war on your hands, with well over 40 alliances and 50,000 characters having an all out battle because word got out that Delve was in conflict, but we weren’t exactly sure how big it was until we showed up.

The universe is thrown into Chaos, and friends of friends are joining to fight what seems to be the ultimate war of the history of videogames (this far exceeds even people fighting Console vs PC) and anybody who’s somebody in EVE Online are piling into Delve and blasting away at Capital ships and big named targets on the battlefield and the territory of Delve may certainly end up being won over by a new Alliance. Thousands of lives will be lost and many more ships will be blown into the nether of the universe by laser cannons.

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