Guild Wars 2 BWE 2 6/8-6/10

In case you didn’t already know, the next Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event has been confirmed for June 8th till June 10th. None of your characters have been wiped. In this BWE they’ve unlocked a new level 25-35 area outside of Lions Arch called Gendarran Fields.  It will also give you another shot at getting to play the explorable mode of Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon for level 35 players. I’m super excited about this and might actually forgo PVP yet again just so I can check this dungeon out and new zone. But we shall see. If you want to meet up in game with me Hit me up @ Wykydtron.2516 I’ll be on the Deldrimor server.


Quick List of what to expect in this BWE2:

Gendarran Fields level 25-35 content

Mystic Forge in LA; you basically recycle unneeded equipment for random gifts

More WvW content

New Automated PvP Tournies

Devs have been hard at work making hits seem more impactful

Improved Overflow servers(my biggest complaint possibly fixed!).

Improved Chat

New Key Bindings, UI Customization and Improvements(Yes, yes and yes!)

Tiered Skill system rather than an All at once system(I may actually like this).

Gem Store has been revamped.

Full Update Preview list here


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