Stompfest Diablo III Live Streaming all this week 9:00PM EST

Come join the fun, with the Stompfest Staff and Members, and venture into the depths of hell.

My Battle tag is jjsky5000#1808. Add me to join in on the fun!!!

Video streaming by Ustream

12 responses to “Stompfest Diablo III Live Streaming all this week 9:00PM EST”

  1. CorruptDictator says:

    Starting from level what?

  2. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    All depends, I dont mind starting at level 1 , i have a level 8 ready as well

  3. CorruptDictator says:

    Well, I already added you before I went to work this morning. Feel free to invite me if you want to do a level 1 start.

  4. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    ok !!!! that work thing got in my way as well

  5. Davy.Deagle says:

    Servers down for maint. until 6:30 EDT

  6. CorruptDictator says:

    Glad I finished off the first act just minutes before they went down =D

  7. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    give about 8:15 i will be ready to rock and roll

  8. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    Haleym 2012 stop by to stream the demon hunter!!!!

  9. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    Thank you for everybody that Stop in

  10. CorruptDictator says:

    Did you actually land up streaming?

  11. Davy.Deagle says:

    He did

  12. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    Yea corrupt 29 people might have seen you rolling it last nite!!!

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