Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Monday 5/14


There will be a stress test Monday the 14th for anyone who has pre-purchased GW2. Even better is, they haven’t wiped any of their characters from this past weekend so you can continue playing those you created. It will run 11am-PDT to 6pm PDT. Unless the conversion site failed that is approximately 2pm EST to 9pm EST. Which means I can hop on for a few hours before I head over to depressing math classes. Wooo :(. If you would like to join me I’ll probably be on the instant the servers go live over on the Deldrimor server hit me @ Wykydtron.2516
If you’re wondering why Arena Net is so gracious as to give us this small glimpse at playing again. Well shame on you, take any chance you can play and don’t argue about it if you ask me. But in all seriousness it’s because the first open Beta Weekend Event they had all 48 of their servers were crammed and some of their players had trouble accessing the game. Here is a quote from Mike O’Brien on their Arena Net blog about this past BWE and why they are doing this stress test.

I think it’s safe to say that the response was overwhelming in more ways than one. Firstly, the number of people who pre-purchased the game far exceeded our expectations, and we had to temporarily disable pre-purchases. In the end that wasn’t enough, and even with 48 worlds we didn’t have enough server capacity to meet the huge demand.

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