New Tribes: Ascend Server!

For all you Tribes fans i’m happy to announce the addition of our new Tribes: Ascend server! The server is currently configured as a 24/7 CTF server. For those unfamiliar, you can follows these steps to find and add our server to your favorites:


Once you log in and load up the game, click the ‘Play Now’ button:


Then select ‘Custom Servers’:


Make sure your region is set to ‘North America-East’:


Then, simply find our server in the server list and click the star next to it to add the server to your favorites:




If you have any suggestions for the server or Tribes: Ascend in relation to our community, feel free to let us know!




5 responses to “New Tribes: Ascend Server!”

  1. Snappy says:

    May I say that this is awesome?

  2. YurfRendenmein says:

    Nice! Very very nice!

  3. Enlightened Fool says:

    Finally installed it today, may be on later if anyone else is

  4. Enlightened Fool says:

    ummmm.. is this server even still there? I haven’t seen it since I installed the game, and I’ve looked like 40x.

  5. Enlightened Fool says:

    and does anyone here even play tribes nowadays anyore?

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