U Frag Top 3 Players – April Results

Here are your top 3 players for the month of April!

stormy 1st Place – Stormy @ 46,857 pts
zillyhoo 2nd Place – ZillyHoo @ 45,769 pts
tesher 3rd Place – Tesher @ 36,109 pts

You all now have reserve slots until 6/1. $5 in Mann Co store items goes to Stormy and ZillyHoo.

2 responses to “U Frag Top 3 Players – April Results”

  1. ZillyHoo says:

    Woot. What do i do for my stuff?

  2. infiniteloop says:

    We’ll be in touch shortly!

    Also, Stormy won’t be around much this month, and is graciously donating his res slot to Kili.

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