Super Monday Night Combat – Available Now

For those of you looking for a fresh game experience to check out, Super Monday Night Combat is out on Steam. It’s a class-based, third-person multiplayer shooter, and free-to-play! We’ve got some ardent supporters in the community who have already been enjoying the beta. Forum moderator Iron Lung gives his approval, so you’re pretty much obligated to try this out:


“I’d like to encourage everyone to go out and give it a whirl, its a lot of fun and has a bit of something for everyone. All you serious MOBA players will the find the strategy quick and easy to pick up and all you TF2 lifers will find alot of your basic skills and instincts will serve you well in SMNC. If you’re looking for people to show you the ropes or play with Wyky plays alot as well as myself and my girlfriend (Original Sin).


Also it has a giant thespian gorilla and Leonardo Da Vinci as playable Pros.


Its free, its fun, the announcers will give you the giggles, come on out and give it a try. ”


Download Super Monday Night Combat Here!

4 responses to “Super Monday Night Combat – Available Now”

  1. Crimson says:

    do we have a server?

  2. Wykydtron says:

    There are no servers likes in MNC. There was talk of adding them but I’m not sure if they are still planning to add them in. Right now everything is done through matchmaking, which is still rather shakey. There is barely any balance so its likely you’ll face some top tier players, however with there being huge influx of “noobies” it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

  3. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    I played a little of it at IU still getting used to the classes and upgrades. I still like the format can get very competitive

  4. Deadphyre says:

    I played it some during the beta and I find it entertaining so you should give it a shot. Going against veteran players might be a little annoying but you run into more noobs than anything.

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