Mass Effect 3 – First Impressions

At first, I debated for a little while in getting this game with its exorbitant price of $59.99. But I knew full well if Bioware had anything to say about it the game was going to be amazing and so far … It is astonishing!


Right out of the gate the game gives the player the ability to fully tailor your character to your playing style, right down to his (or her) psychological profile. The reapers are coming and the goal is survival. This game provides all the tools you need to accomplish that goal while keeping the player engaged in a thrilling scifi story.


This game reminds me so much of games that existed before the market became so saturated. It is my belief that a game with a single player campaign has to have an epic and engaging storyline. If it doesn’t , or it’s too predictable, it can loose my interest really fast. Mass Effect delivers on this storyline just like they did with the first two in the series.


As for the graphics… It’s not quite Skyrim caliber but it still looks excellent. The lighting effects and planetary views in space are simply stunning. Bioware has found the perfect balance to make the player feel like they’re there. Add in the role playing dialog and your kept so engaged you won’t want to stop playing this game!


If your looking for a game that keeps you engaged and presents a thrilling story. I would highly recommend Mass Effect 3.


10 responses to “Mass Effect 3 – First Impressions”

  1. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    I hope to see a sale soon and i will pick it up :)

  2. Snowblind says:

    If only i wasn’t boycotting EA

  3. Davy.Deagle says:

    In that case… I hear the new minesweeper is pretty cool.

  4. Tragic says:

    I have no reason to boycott EA. But I am not a fan of them only using their shiny new service to sell their games.

  5. Enlightened Fool says:

    I’ve been playing this for almost 24hrs straight, literally.
    Game of the MF’ing Year.

  6. Brother Michigan says:

    If anyone here ISN’T pissed at EA right now, consider that their launch-day DLC is actually already on the game disc, so you’re essentially paying extra (on top of already paying $60) to unlock the whole game.

  7. HaZe says:

    I like how they have have Jessica Chobot in it. Not even just her voice, but an exact fucking replica of her in the game. WTF, I despise EA so much. And BioWare for this shit.

  8. HaZe says:

    Im choking myself right now.

  9. Kittens says:

    So, did you finish it yet? If so, did you break both discs at once or did you do them one at a time so you could relish in the anger?

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