U Frag Top 3 Players – February Results

Another month, another close fight for the top three! 3rd and 4th place were separated by less than 1000 points. Congrats to the following players:

1st Place – cheddar
2nd Place – xzi
3rd Place – the chad

Your reserve slots are activated and valid through the end of March. Top 2 also get $5 worth of items from the Mann Co store. Thanks to everyone for playing – monthly stats have been reset, good luck and frag on!

2 responses to “U Frag Top 3 Players – February Results”

  1. Xzi says:

    I’d like to thank basedgod for fucking my bitch and giving me 2nd place

  2. InertiaCreep says:

    i wish cheddar would MY first… <3333 xoxoxo

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