CS:GO Beta – Take this survey for a chance at a key!

Via the Counter-Strike blog:

Today we are opening up our online survey to everyone. The next keys will be sent on the basis of this survey. If you don’t fill it out, you won’t be getting a key.

The survey requires that you be logged into Steam first. No ideas on what the limit is or how many they’re going to pick for this next of invites, so get going!


8 responses to “CS:GO Beta – Take this survey for a chance at a key!”

  1. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    Just signed up, Need to start playing it

  2. Kool-AiD says:

    Signed up. Waiting for Key.

    Haze is gonna squirm

  3. Davy.Deagle says:

    W00t cant wait

  4. mags says:

    Really hoping I get a key.

  5. HaZe says:

    I touch myself everyday to this game.

  6. hOoLiGaN says:

    fuckkkk i need a key for this!!! if anyone gets an extra one send it my way!!!

  7. TrinitY^PL says:

    orly! omg! hi!

  8. Rage2747 says:

    if anyone gets an extra I’ll give them 5 keys in TF2 for it…

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