Arkice’s Coffee Break Review: League of Legends

As most of you know already I’m a humble and deep man. So I got out of my hot tub, put on some clothes so I didn’t distract myself, and shooed the ugly people out of my mansion so I could focus on a post and not their horrid appearance.

Now before I start getting into it let me give a disclaimer. I do not dislike League of Legends or what has it become.


For a while now League of Legends has been stomping it’s way through it’s other MOBA competitors and coming out smelling like a bucket of honey. Which has affected the content more than anything.

I think Riot has gotten too cocky with the DoTA 2 giant leering it’s water head over the horizon of games we hate to love. The quality of champions declined greatly with the choices of community and company created champions. Many of which being uninspired, dull, and frankly boring. This is mainly due to the community hating anything different or interesting since it’s usually described as “overpowered” or “stupid”. This is the reason people complained about Ziggs, Viktor, and even Skarner. Anything that reaches beyond the bounds of the generic will be labled as such.

Unfortunately, Riot decided to listen to those people which gave way for champions like Sejuani or Volibear. In my opinion, two of the most boring champions.

Hopefully with the Nautilus patch it will inspire new and creative ideas for champions.


The jungle is by far the biggest problem for League of Legends of them all for me. Since the drastic change to the jungle even the most brain dead of summoners can reach level at the same rate as a solo lane.

Since the jungle was set to the Easy setting it opened the floodgates for bad players that can jungle, but suck just about all other times. Jungling is basically needed since it gives you a better advantage compared to an all-lane team. Jungling used to be something you would practice, to get the route and ganks right, making it a more advanced part of the game hardly needing to worry about it in the early summoner levels. This also affect how often people will play supports. Considering Riot hasn’t put forth a new support champion since Karma there is a huge decline in support players. Whether this is due to nerfs, coincidence, or just plain boredom.

It’s clear that the reason for the declining quality in champions is because of variety. People are sick of seeing the fighters, tanks, assassins, and DPS in general (I am anyway). The actual support are such a small minority compared to how many champions there are. I hope Riot realizes that they need to close the gap between how many support champions there are compared to the rest of the classes.  I’m a little sick of seeing the same 4 or 5 in games anymore.


Overall it’s still fun. It just disappointed me through it’s growth since BETA. Hopefully Riot puts their priorities in order before DoTA 2 sets sail or else their bums will be chapped by the wind.


Thanks for reading folks!

8 responses to “Arkice’s Coffee Break Review: League of Legends”

  1. Wykydtron says:

    You lost me at Humble, Deep, By:Arkice 😀
    Good post even though I don’t play LoL.

  2. LocarionStorm says:

    Do you actually drink coffee?

  3. Snowblind says:

    I don’t think there is a place for a new support champ since, to me, Soraka, Sona ,Taric and Alistar cover any random support role. The only thing I could think of would be an AD support champion(if we’re considering support is a champion with a heal) but they sort of already have that in Blitzcrank. And Karma, if played correctly, is rather beastly support. You could also argue Oriana being supportive as well. I agree they need new support champion, if only for more options, but I just don’t see if that new champ could outclass Sona/Soraka/Taric/Alistar and where they would fit in in the scheme of things. Make them as good as the aforementioned
    heros and people will complain that they’re OP and ruin the game.

  4. cixelsyd says:

    Mediocre review. Suggestions: rap music, sandman offers.

  5. Tragic says:

    I will argue the Orianna being support. It’s how I play her. I may play rather aggressively but when it comes to end game, I care more about setting up good kills and saving peoples asses than getting kills myself.

  6. Arkice says:

    I do drink coffee, and lots of it.

    I’m not talking about roles the support fills Snowblind, I’m talking about new champions. They could have multiple champions that fill the same role but are different.

    I guess they could stop making tanks, mages, and DPS by that logic. They don’t make champions to fill a role.

  7. CorruptDictator says:

    A lot of players would give anything for a new support champ just for the sake of variety. Yes, champs such as Ori can fill a support role, but I for one would still love to see a true support release. I am starting to look at tanks as a substitute for playing regular support personally (I had previously only rarely played tanks, although I have recently come to love Shen just before they even announced the buffs).

  8. Alvari says:

    Actually, some unconventional supports have come out. The most common and most recent of these is leona. She’s gaining popularity. Basically with leona you have a stun bot bot for easier ganks as well as trading and fighting 2v2 bot. Because she does lack a conventional support spell such as a shield or heal pots are required as well as some ability to avoid dmg. Secondly Karma has been confirmed for a rework. A lot of people will say that she’s fine, but it remains that she needs farm in order to be really effective.

    The problem with new champions is that people do seem to only want bruisers casters and the like. Leona and karma show this in that that they are were not bought much and not played much out of higher level play.

    The other issue is streaming. Since streaming became so popular learning curves have become smaller as people learn whose strong whose weak from these streamers. You can watch this phenomena, as a streamer plays more of a champ, that champ is seen more in regular play. two LoL tournaments ago Leblanc was gone, regi plays her and there’s a sudden resurgence of Leblancs. Same holds true supports: If people only see soraka, sona, taric, ali people are gonna assume those are only the true supports, when in fact its just that they are safe picks for high level play where netting kills bot is incredibly hard. Picks like lux, blitz, leona, maokai are strong for bot because of their cc as well as dmg. Hell the newest champ naut is a decent cc bot support.

    As far as the jungle is concerned, for new players, good luck, your lanes will probably feed if you jungle and there’s only so much you can do. Yes you have more influence then other lanes but if a lane dies 1v1, 2v2 then you can’t stop that, if you have a 1v2 lane, just remember you have to gank it safely and not feed the lane and snow ball it the wrong way. As long as your top doesn’t feed or get denied hard core your ahead because you have more global experience and hopefully god. Also remember that with lower level solo que you end up with shit like double ranged ad. 4 AP, no tanks, no cc, no dmg, full retards… If you jungle in these situations and something like that occurs its really not your fault. Sorry double ranged ad doesn’t beat support/range ad, skill level disregarded. Riot dumbed down the jungle to make it complete-able for low level so that they could learn some of the skills required to jungle. Unfortunately… you get to suffer because of it.

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