Diablo III Beta Live Streaming February 11 & 12 9:00PM EST

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Diablo III,  Stompfest is excited to offer you a Live stream of  the Beta.

Come check it out Saturday &; Sunday Nite at 9:00PM

We will also have all 5 class replays of the beta playing on the channel.

Disclosure from my Diablo III beta invite

“We also invite you to share your Diablo III beta experience with the world! All participants can take screen shots, capture video, and/or publicly disclose information about their beta test experience. “

A few screen shots from the Beta
Dropping  The  Hammer

This is one of those “oh shit”  moments in the game where  getting used to  fighting is little skeletons and zombie  and this thing pop out.

The Barbarian Class can hold his own against large groups

Are you ready for Skeleton King

Hammer Time

Guess he wasnt ready for the Hammer “Game over Beta”


Over All I cant wait for the game to be released  I was definitely wanting more after the beta.

5 responses to “Diablo III Beta Live Streaming February 11 & 12 9:00PM EST”

  1. Tragic says:

    So want to play this game.

  2. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    It been alot of fun so far. The wizard is pretty bad ass

  3. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    Thank you for coming out. We are streaming again tonight. come join the fun.

  4. Jockitch says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the beta so far. Minus the lack of skill tree progression I really like everything I’ve seen so far. I’ve played three of the five classes, and I intend to play through the remaining as well. So far I have to say that, as in Diablo 2, the barbarian is my favorite. But I’m a short way into the witch doctor now, which I find to be fun as well.

  5. JJ_Sky5000 says:

    The beta has been quite fun and cant wait till the relases. The Barbarian is definatly a Tank and can roll right through. I like the monk early but needs more fire power. Demon Hunter was ok , Witch doctor is just fun. Wizard was a unexpected favorite. The arcane orb can clear some creeps.

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