Mass Effect 3 is NOT a Corridor Shooter Says BioWare

Those among us who’ve played Mass Effect 2 can attest to how there was a staged fight for nearly every room in a level; so much that it became blatantly predictable.  BioWare claims this is not the case for Mass Effect 3.


In an interview with CVG, BioWare producer Mike Gamble gives a brief description of what can be expected from the combat in Mass Effect 3:


“How the player interacts with the gameplay space is one of the most important things, as players spend most of their time doing that. We’ve added a lot of new melee stuff, and it’s all part of making combat seem more dynamic. Enemy behavior is also different as enemies will now try and flank and come up close. There’s definitely been an emphasis on making combat spaces into open battlefields in this game. We’re trying to get away from corridor shooters.


Among other things, Gamble also outlines the changes to be expected in Mass Effect 3 that will help address the complaints players had with Mass Effect 2, such as the lack of customization:


“We just want to tell the best story within the context of an amazing shooter. I think in ME3 we’ve actually brought back a lot of the customization elements that were missing in ME2: Weapons, armor, powers, each power now has nine possible ways of evolution. We brought back all that customization. Like any transition between games, we want to polish everything. I wouldn’t say one genre is winning out over another.”


For the full interview, see the link below:

2 responses to “Mass Effect 3 is NOT a Corridor Shooter Says BioWare”

  1. Wykydtron says:

    9 Possible evolutions per power? Definitely an increase over the 2 per power last time.

  2. Gentlefood says:

    The Demo certainly felt like a corridor shooter…

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