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As some of you may know, Star Trek online has recently become free to play. I have been a personal fan of this game since its inception. A lot of people quickly left after dealing with the many annoyances in the game when it was first released i.e. bad ground combat mechanics, frequent server downtime, week pvp, and more.


A lot has changed in the 2 years this game has been out. One of my favorite features is now being able to create your own missions and share them with others. I love going in and looking at top rated community missions and playing them. I have seen several with great in depth dialog and intensive combat.


If there is one thing this MMO excels at, it’s the space combat and ship customizations. Most mmo’s involve casting spells or using attacks in different orders to strategize how to defeat an opponent. STO makes you feel more skilled than any other MMO. Even adding the game mechanic of controlling shield strength on either side of your ship makes you feel like your actions have an even greater outcome on the battle then they do in any other MMO I’ve played.


For those of you who hated ground combat you are in for a real surprise. Last fall the entire ground combat system was redesigned from the ground up. Different weapons have different affects based on range and enemy target. Using a sniper rifle can sometimes be more beneficial than using a phaser. They also added first person shooting mode and reduced recharge times on a lot of abilities. This has made the intensity of battle way more exciting and a lot more fun.


Cryptic has also been hard at work at redesigning old quests and making new ones. Some of the new episodic missions are extremely exciting to play and really draw you in with actual voice overs, beautiful graphics, and intense battles.


If you even once had any excitement for this game, but didn’t want to pay for it or lost interest do to lack of content and game mechanics, now may be the time to revisit Star Trek Online and see for yourself what’s changed. You can download the client downloader here.

4 responses to “Star Trek Online Free To Play”

  1. Crimson says:

    I meant to dl this last night and forgot. I’m definitely gonna give it another go.

  2. SacredTauri says:

    Yes Yes and Yes! I have to give this a shot since I am not big MMO fan but I love Star Trek :)

  3. Deadphyre says:

    I downloaded it yesterday and played a little bit last night. What’s everyones char names going to be? Mine is obvious.

  4. Davy.Deagle says:

    Ill check when I get home. It’s one of Dax’s previous hosts names with a letter swap.

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