TF2 Naughty & Nice Giveaway

Happy New Year from Stompfest – we’re going to do a special bonus round for our free hat friday drawing, in the form of a NAUGHTY & NICE CRATE/KEY GIVEAWAY!

We have 4 pairs of holiday crates to give out before they expire on Sunday night (2 naughty and 2 nice crates and matching keys).  How do you qualify for this drawing, you ask?  It’s even easier than usual.  Simply play on our TF2 servers any time between now and 5pm (EST) on New Year’s day.  Whether it’s five minutes or five hours, it doesn’t matter!  Then just post with your name + SteamID in this thread.

We’ll randomly pick four names; 2 people will get a Nice Winter Crate and key, the other 2 will get a Naughty version of each.

2 responses to “TF2 Naughty & Nice Giveaway”

  1. Enlightened Fool says:

    Do you mean New Years Eve or NY’s Day? NY’s Day is on sunday.. I haven’t been playing TF2 much to know exactly when they “expire”. I was under the impression the holiday crates ended at 11:59pm NY’s Eve.

  2. infiniteloop says:

    Per the TF2 wiki and the backpack entry for the items themselves:

    This item will expire on Jan 01, 2012 (23:00:00).

    For reference, last year’s crates had an expire date of 12/31/10 at 23:00, and they were available for the whole day. So it looks like they gave them an extra day this time.

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