Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic was released today after being in beta for several months. This new MMO is perhaps one of the most compelling and amazing MMO’s to date. Full voice overs and deep story progressions create a depth to this game unlike many other popular MMOs to date.


A large portion of the Stompfest community played this game in the beta and have continued to play as the game becomes available to the public. Interested in playing with the Stompfest community? Join us on “Sith Wyrm” and play as either “The Republic” or “The Sith” factions. For more information regarding community guilds and players check out the SWTOR Forums here.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for digital download on Origin.

5 responses to “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

  1. CorruptDictator says:

    Wish this was the monthly give away instead of batman.

  2. PandaBear says:

    You have EA and Origin to thank for that

  3. MittenzMagic says:

    I will have to make another toon to play with SF 😛

  4. QuickBunnie says:

    If your looking for a PvE server – most, if not all, of us are on Sith Wyrm.

    The 2 PvP servers I’ve seen are Fatman and Twin Spears.

  5. Banana Hammock says:

    I am on Sith Wyrm. Post your names and faction if you care.

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