Divison Manager Promotion

There are a lot of exciting things going on at Stompfest expecially in the TF2 Divsion. Recently we added a second server that is doing very well. However we feel that we need more help and admin presence in TF2. Prosthetics has offered to leave BF3 behind and rejoin TF2 as a Division Manager to help Wyky and I and the rest of the admin team rebuild TF2 to it’s former glory. Pros’ s lengthy experience in TF2 will be a great addition to the TF2 management team as we move forward. His talents and his experience will be vital to achieve this goal with a lot of effort and collaboration.

Welcome back to TF2 Prosthetics

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  1. Snowblind says:


  2. textercist says:

    tf2 needs love too 😀

  3. Gentlefood says:

    Congrats Pros. On a curious note. Do we have/ever plan on using Server leads again? Personally I felt that they were a very good addition to the TF2 team as they generally organized the filling as well as kept their specific server from falling apart. Not to mention the commands they had access too allowed party night and other such activities to be easier to do.

  4. PandaBear says:

    @Gentlefood: We may. Our admin team is smaller and we only have two servers atm so it’s not really necessary to have SL’s at the moment. TF2 Division Managers have access to those same commands fyi.

  5. yokedlawyer4 says:


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