Expansion Party and the SF Server.

The Battlefield 3 expansion Back to Karkand comes out Tuesday December 13 with EA stating the time of release to be 3AM EST. To celebrate this Stompfest is turning it’s BF3 server into a 24/7 Back to Karkand rotation only server. This will last for 5 days ending on Sunday 18th at 11pm. At this time we will move back to a rotation server. If you would like to put your input as to what maps should be included in our new rotation please feel free to post your thoughts and input.  
We are all excited over the new content and hope to see you on the battlefield.    

On the evening after the release Stompfest will be hosting an expansion party with all admins present for this event. This will be Tuesday night starting at 6pm and will last as long as you can. So come join the fun and see how many admin dog tags you can claim.    

Dice has also confirmed that Server Version R12 will be released at roughly the same time as the expansion. Below is the short change log and information as provided by DICE    

* General crash fixes
* Fixed problem where kits would remain on the level for a long time (>10 minutes); this would eventually make the server keel over
* The Back to Karkand maps are included   

Notice that there are two variations on the Conquest gamemode. The differences are mainly to do with the flags. You will see a “#2” after the map name for a server that runs the second Conquest variation.   

Game servers can mix and match B2K and non-B2K maps. Players who have not purchased B2K will be warned if they attempt to join a server with B2K maps in the rotation. Quickmatch will not send those players to servers with B2K maps in the rotation either. The guiding principle here is: if possible, avoid having people get kicked from servers.   
Soruce: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654347788871326/

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  1. Deadphyre says:

    I am totally psyched the be playing the expansion but I’ve crashed several times within the last 10 minutes so far. Hopefully it won’t be like this forever

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