Welcome to the NEW Stompfest!

I would like to introduce you all to Stompfest 7.0! A few months ago Jokerz and I started a project to completely revamp the website with a brand new design that was dynamic to the point where it, in of itself, could be used as a means to expand our community. With the assistance of Brizad, eclyps, Jokerz, and infiniteloop I worked with devs to get the site designed. Countless hours and a lot of hard work went into this project from all individuals and parties involved and we are all extremely excited to be taking another big step towards making a better Stompfest.


What’s new?


So, let’s talk about what’s new in Stompfest 7.0. Primarily, we have set aside vbAdvanced as our primary CMS (Content Management System) and in its place we are now using WordPress. The WordPress CMS is infinitely more flexible, feature-full and easier to use. I could go on forever listing all the changes but they are numerous. Practically every aspect of the site has been redesigned. Just have a look around! We have completely redesigned the navigation to make things simpler for a newcomer, yet still useful for the regulars. Get a quick glance of recent forum posts in the top right of the page. Look at stats for all our game and voice servers with the click of a button. View player stats, read reviews, and more.


One thing that I definitely want to point out, is that the articles posted on the WordPress section of the site (which will mainly consist of threads that would have been posted in the news feed forum) are exclusive to the WordPress database. However, that brings me to…


What’s the same?


Our forums are still vBadvanced, so all of your accounts have been carried over.  In addition, your vb forum accounts are linked to the WordPress CMS so you can post on all the WordPress articles via your vb forum account. Sign in once, and your current forum credentials will log you into both sections of the site.  And of course, all your favorite forum sections are still right where you expect them.



There is one person, that I didn’t mention above who has helped out tremendously with the site redesign. That person is Davy.Deagle. This project actually got put on hold for quite some time because I had gotten it as far as I could on my own. I had gotten the WordPress site designed but I needed someone to redo and integrate the vB forums. Briz, who has my utmost appreciation, took time out of his very busy schedule (due to planning for a wedding and buying a new house) to do a good chunk of it before he had to get back to taking care of things he had going on. Some time went by and while talking with Davy about SF expansion in general I mentioned the site. Davy hit the ground running from that point on. The amount of refinement and enhancement that he has done to the site is staggering.  And his eagerness to get things done is impressive. In under seven days he completely revamped the site theme, finished the work on the vB forums (and some), and got us to the point where we were ready to go live. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also been helping out financially and offering tons of insight and assistance into ways we can improve the community. He has just gone above and beyond. For these reasons, I am proud to announce the promotion of Davy.Deagle to Operations Director. Davy will work along-side infiniteloop who is also an Operations Director. He will more than likely have his hands in some of everything, but he will be primarily focused on the website. His years of experience and knowledge in web design will, and have already proven to be very valuable. So if you have any questions about the website, please send them his way.



I would also like to announce the creation of a new position here at Stompfest–Marketing Director. Our long time member JJ_Sky5000 will be filling this position. Through the many case modding competitions that he has been a part of, JJ_Sky5000 has developed strong relationships with many reputable companies. He came to us eager to help the community by developing marketing strategies to bring new content to our site and develop new relationships with sponsors. We are excited about the work JJ_Sky5000 has already begun and will do for the community.



Also, I would like to give a BIG thank you to infiniteloop. Loop is guy that makes sure that everything is happening the way it supposed to be happening in the community. He has done an outstanding job helping me oversee the community & it’s operations and working to improve it. Everything–website, subscriptions, gaming divisions, community information & service–he does it all and he does it very well. He has been an exemplary member of the community.


Last but certianly not least, I want to also give a BIG thank you to Brizad who has taken time out of his extremely busy schedule to do all of the major back-end upgrades and reconfiguration. We definitely could not have done this without you and I really appreciate you coming through for us.


I’ll say this briefly as i’m sure Davy will fill you in in detail, but we are not done. We still have many plans for the new site and things that we want to implement.

27 responses to “Welcome to the NEW Stompfest!”

  1. Couch Radish says:

    All I can say is SWEET JESUS THIS WEBSITE.

  2. CorruptDictator says:

    Please tell me I can change the colors, I really hate the default scheme.

  3. monlee says:

    Hmm, a fancy new looking website we gots here.

  4. CorruptDictator says:

    Also, I miss my badges… (years, sub, n/hotd)

  5. Davy.Deagle says:

    CorruptDictator. the forums has a Light Theme you can use (Adjust in dropdown on bottom left of forums)

  6. CorruptDictator says:

    I just found it, both are hard on my eyes to opposite extremes.

    Another thing I noticed is that posts in this news thread do not show up when I want to view new posts via the forums. Not sure if that is intentional.

  7. Davy.Deagle says:

    Separate systems, news and articles are no longer managed by vbulletin

  8. Tragic says:

    Nifty. .

  9. Dexlysic says:

    Them’s some sexy pixels.

  10. Catas says:

    You say it’s Stompfest 2.0, but it’s in fact Stompfest 3.0
    I recall loop made a recent change like a year ago that was as big as this one.

  11. Davy.Deagle says:

    Really more like 7.0 if you count all the changes since 1999

  12. ikem says:

    imo 10 steps back….

  13. PandaBear says:

    I would love to hear why you think its a whole 10 steps back compared to the old site

  14. eclyps says:

    Later ikem

  15. Enlightened Fool says:

    Really liking the new look, but what happened to:
    – Themes( REALLY miss the blue one)
    – +/- Rep’s
    – Top 10 Threads
    – Where’s the User CP?
    – Agreeing with Corrupt: “I miss my badges… (years, sub, n/hotd)”

    ATM I like the new style, but I’d persaonally would rather have the old look back.

  16. Enlightened Fool says:

    I also just noticed the Sponcers pics/links are gone, ie: MNPC Tech, Bawls, etc

    Also missing our little “scrolling” “news” or events thing…

  17. Enlightened Fool says:

    And I guesss since I cannot edit, also missing how our avy’s are like 20x smaller, and our names aren’t diff colors according to admin/mod(ie: Red for TF2, Blue for BF3, etc.

  18. Enlightened Fool says:

    Let me add too that our profile page has been screwed with. I miss my purple n green backgrounds(where you’d leave visitor messages.

    All in all, yeah this is “fancier”, but F fancy, I miss the old look. Honestly, would much rather have the old site back

  19. PandaBear says:

    EF, just fyi, you make posts on this section of the site (the WordPress section) via your existing forum account. The forums are still intact. Just hover over the Community tab in the top nav, then go to Forums. That will take you to the forums with your user cp, etc, etc

  20. PandaBear says:

    Also, you forum page layout will be different as we are on a newer version of vbAdvanced.

  21. Shang says:

    This is some pretty funky stuff. Good job everyone involved, you deserve a pat on the back.

  22. Special Agent Patsy says:

    Nifty changes! Panda’s avatar looks even funnier in miniature.

  23. Deadphyre says:

    I love the new style!!

  24. Xzi says:

    Looks a lot more professional. I adore it. WordPress was definitely a good way to go with complete control over pretty much anything your little nerd heart can code.

    Btw, if you nerds ever need other help as far as the feel and look of the site, I’m rather experienced. I don’t do forums, however.
    But just letting ya know! Not that you need it at the moment, haha.

  25. Snowblind says:

    Jesus I leave the internet for a day and this happens!
    I like it.

  26. CoolJon says:

    Hey, new site looks great! Mad props to all who were involved.

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