Stompfest Free Hat Fridays!

We’d like to add a small weekly event for our TF2 crowd – introducing Free Hat Fridays! Every week we will be holding a drawing for 1 free TF2 hat. The requirements to join are very simple…here’s the rundown:

– For each drawing, you’ll need to have 3 hours of playtime on our turbine server for the previous week. Stats are available at this direct link. We’re basing this off the previous full Sunday – Saturday week for 2 reasons; first, to make it easy for both you and us to track, and second, to give you a full seven days to meet the requirement.

– Once you’ve got the 3 hours, just head over to the TF2 FREE HAT FRIDAY subforum, where there will be a new thread each week. Post in that week’s thread with your name and steamID, and you’re entered!

– Drawings will be held on Fridays so people have plenty of time to check their stats and make the post. And we’ll keep doing the drawings as long as there’s interest…or until the hats run out. Winners will be picked at random, and all hats are viewable in the “SF TF2 Hat Backpack” HERE. All hats are donated courtesy of our admin team.

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