BF3 Expansion Back to Karkand Is Fast Arriving

Its seems that we finally have a solid date for the official expansion of battlefield 3: Back to Karkand.
December 13th is now our offical count down date for PC. Hopefully we will get more info in the
next two weeks of other good stuff that will be implimented into the expansion as well.

From The Battlefield 3 Blog (Official)
Yesterday, we announced the 1 week early release date for Back to Karkand on PlayStation 3.
Today, we are happy to announce that the December 6th PlayStation 3 release will be
followed by Xbox 360 and PC on December 13th!

If you pre-ordered Battlefield 3: Limited Edition, you will receive this expansion pack at no extra charge.
Anyone else can buy it through the in-game store (on consoles), PlayStation Store (PS3),
Xbox Live Marketplace (Xbox 360), or on Origin (PC).

Come back next week for more epic gameplay footage from Back to Karkand, and have a great gaming weekend!

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